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Should You Really Buy a Metal Roof?

Quite frankly the first thing to consider before deciding on a metal roof is, does a metal roof match the style of your home and will it be aesthetically appealing? Metal roofs are gorgeous but not necessarily on Tudor homes. That said, metal roofing is distinctive and gorgeous on a number of home styles including: Federal, Colonial, Dutch, Cape Cod, Georgian, Log, Ranch, Farm House, Victorian, Neoclassical, Prairie, Cottage, and Italianate. Take a look at these homes:

cape cod home metal roof
Cape Cod
farm house metal roof
Farm House
federal home metal roof
italiante home metal roof
log home metal roof
Log Home
neo classical home metal roof
Neo Classical

The second thing to consider is how long you plan to be in your home. Metal roofs last a very, very long time coming in at 2 to 4 times the life of a composite roof. They can easily last 40 to 60 years. But they cost more than many other roof types. Here is a price comparison per square foot based off of prices in Seattle (1/28/2016):

Note that metal roof panels cost 25% more than traditional 3-tab composite shingles but typically come with a 45 year, true warranty. Composite roofing comes only with a manufacturing defect warranty - not a wear warranty.

Beyond the aethestics, there are a number of factors to make metal attractive:

Nu-Ray Metal Roofing

Nu-Ray provides a wide variety of steel roofing panels in an expansive set of colors. A complete roofing system, Nu-Ray provides a 40 year finish warranty.

Nu-Ray NRM1000 metal roofing
Nu-Ray NRM1750 metal roofing
Nu-Ray NRM1000 metal roofing
Nu-Ray NRM5000 metal roofing
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