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While Emerald State can install any kind of siding on your home, lap siding is a great choice for your home in Bellevue. Siding contractors install more lap siding than any other kind of siding. Lap siding comes in a variety of styles: horizontal lap, dutch lap, clapboard, and ship lap. The most common type of lap siding is dutch lap. varied width siding
varied width siding

Dutch lap is also know as clapboard or horizontal lap. Long boards are installed horizontally. The boards are slightly thicker at the bottom edge and overlap the layer below. Boards are made in various widths to change up the look. The most common width is just over five inches but they can be purchased in widths of to twelve inches. The boards can actually be mixed up with different width boards on a single home to create a more interesting look.

Ship lap siding creates a more uniform and finished look. Boards look as those they are butted up against each other rather than overlapped. Actually, they are fastened together using a tongue and groove joint. They tend to be found on more contemporary homes and like dutch lap, boards of varying widths can be used.

No matter what your selection in siding is, Emerald State is your Bellevue siding contractor, ready to help you pick the best solution for your situation and tastes.