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Fixing a leaking roof

If you are experiencing a leak on your roof, please give us a call, we are happy to consult with you about it and provide you a quote in a timely manner. We fix any problems with roof leakage for the life of all roofs we install.


emailed or in person, your choice

Replace rotted roof decking

If a leak goes undetected and un-repaired long enough, the roof decking will rot and become soft. If this is the case and entire section of the roof may need to be removed and replaced with new OSB decking, water barrier and shingles. It would be wise to hire a professional for this work.

Replace damaged, split, or cracked shingles

Damaged shingles should be replaced or repaired. For composition asphalt roofs this means removing the 8 nails holding the shingle down with a pry bar. If the shingle above is brittle you may need to leave the top row of nails and notch the new shingle to fit. Be careful in separating the shingles along the sealing tabs so to not damage more shingles.

If you are replacing shake shingles, cut the new shingle to the appropriate width or select one that matches from a bundle. Remove the old shingle using a shingle ripper to pry the nails loose. After removing, drive the new shingle up into the opening. Stop ½ inch from its final position and drive two stainless steel nails in at an angle just below the edge of the shingle above. Now drive the shingle in the final ½ inch and the nails will not be exposed.

Repair flashing

Flashing is the metal bridge the connects the roof to vertical surfaces like skylights, chimney and siding. It is a common cause of roof leaks.

For small holes due to corrosion use roofing cement to fill the holes. For more severely corroded or cracked flashing, remove the old flashing and nail in new flashing. Make sure the nails are placed away from the drain area and are under the shingles on the shingle side and under the siding on the siding side.

For chimney flashing, chip away the mortar where the flashing is secured before affixing the new flashing. Seal the flashing to the chimney using urethane roofing cement.

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