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Issaquah Stone Veneer Siding

Emerald State Exteriors offers gorgeous brick and stone veneer siding to complement your home. Our specialties include:

We feature veneers from K2, Brick-It, and Eldorado

We stand behind our product with our exclusive labor warranty.

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Issaquah stone veneer dry stack

Issaquah Stone Veneer Enhances your Curb Appeal

What makes a home stand out? Issaquah residents are familiar with beautiful, striking homes. Being such a uniquely placed in Pacific Northwest, and having grown from it's coal mining roots to be a well planned urban/suburban community that is home to many working and retired professionals. Issaquah really is an aesthetic community that is full of well trimmed lawns, compact hedges, and neighborly neighbors. Sometimes with compact design and closely placed residences, things can get a bit monotone. That look is easily broken up with manufactured or real stone facade. Stone Facade fits in easily and most homes are easily adapted to this beautiful enhancement.

Unlike a stone wall, stone siding is light and much less expensive. It can be adapted to an existing home by simply removing the existing siding and adhering the stone veneer to the backer board. The existing structure of the house is enough to support the stone veneer.

Stone veneer is real stone and shows like it. It adds substance to a home, makes it stand out, and just provides a look of elegance that is hard to get any other way. Best of all, it is simple to do and lasts a very long time with minimal upkeep and maintenance required. Call us for a complimentary consultation to see how it can upgrade your new windows, paint or siding.

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