Emerald State offers gorgeous brick and stone veneer siding to complement your home. Our specialties include:

We feature veneers from K2, Brick-It, and Eldorado

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Kirkland stone veneer dry stack

We are specialists at installing stone facade. Kirkland and the surrounding area have a number of homes we have completed that we can refer you to.

The great thing about stone veneer is that it is lightweight and does not require a foundation to sit on, so it is easily installed. They can be applied to any number of substrates including concrete walls, cinder block, brick, hard stucco, plywood, cement backer board or flat board siding; pretty much anything you might run into.

Manufactured stone siding is particularly simple to install as it can be attached to the substrate using cement and screws. Natural stone veneer typically requires a grout/cement adhesive over a wire mesh binder and a scratch coat. Still the stone siding is held in place by the wall panels and does not require a solid foundation to sit on.

Natural or manufactured Kirkland stone veneer, Emerald State can provide you with advice, expertise, and installation to make your home stand out. Call us to see how it can compliment your new windows, paint or siding.

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