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At Emerald State we install roofing products from the most respected Roofing Material Manufacturers in the industry. Our roof installation crews are Certified Roofing Specialists that put Meticulous Effort into your most Important Investment - your home. From Flashing, to Edging, Drainage and run off we have you covered.

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Emerald State is a local roofer that has earned a reputation for quality installations for over 19 years. We built our customer base by providing quality roofing contractor services that protect you and your home. We built our customer base by providing quality roofing contractor services that protect you and your home. Call us today to get a fast quote on roof replacement, roof repair or a new roof for a new home.

Newcastle roofers experienced in the top rated materials

Emerald State offer's high quality materials for Newcastle roofers, including wood shake, composition roofing and pvc roofs. We are Newcastle roofers that understand the unique needs of homes in Newcastle and the Northwest and how each material performs. You can expect the best advice and highest quality roofing materials you can get from any roofing companies, Newcastle or anywhere on the East Side. Our ShingleMaster Certified craftsmen are experts in roofing materials designed to complement your home and last for years.

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Highly ranked among Newcastle roofing companies

Emerald State's Newcastle Roofers large enough to handle all of your roofing project needs efficiently and expeditiously, yet still provide the personal service and attention of a small roofing company. Our focus is three pronged: complete communications, utmost customer service, and highest quality workmanship. Emerald State Roofers 10 years of satisfied customer experience is proof of our commitment to you, the customer. See how we stack up to other roofers, Newcastle and surrounds.

Need other exterior services? Emerald States crews are also Newcastle window contractors.

Tip - replacing a roof in winter

Cold and Inclement Weather Roofing

Yes, the roofing season is spring through fall, but what about roofing in winter? Winter roofing is not a problem but it is more restrictive. The new shingles MUST be installed over a dry surface. Here in the Northwest the number of days of dry weather in the winter is limited. During the spring and summer months there is measurable rainfall from 15 to 30 % of the days. In winter, there are dry days from 35 to 50% of the time. As long as a roof job is planned for a dry spell, roofing a home is entirely possible. But there are a couple things to keep in mind.

Ask your potential roofer about techniques specific to weather and material

Cold weather causes asphalt shingles to stiffen a bit and be a little harder to work with, especially on forming curves like on roof caps. It is important the roofer be prepared to heat these special shingles before applying them. The second thing that is important to know is that asphalt shingles have a seal strip on them. The strip adheres one layer of shingle to the layer below, preventing lifting and blow off in heavy winds. The adhesive strip is heat activated and while manufacturers are reluctant to specify a temperature where sealing occurs one should assume a series of warm spring days are required for this to occur.

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The problem with installing the roof in the winter and waiting until spring for the roof to seal is that it is subject to potential wind damage and the build up of debris that will keep the shingle from ever sealing. The solution? Roof sealant. Roofs installed in cold weather must be installed using hand sealing using an approved sealant. This adds additional labor to a project. Adding roof sealant along with the tabbed asphalt seal will prolong the life of your roof, as it is a known fact that tabbed asphalt seal alone will eventually fail and shingles will be lost to wind. In fact manufacturers require hand sealing of shingles on steep roofs simply because the weight of the shingles may cause the seal to fail and the shingle lost.

Hand sealing a roof creates a superior roof installation, any time of the year. So, doing your roof in winter when roofers are less hurried and have more time to focus on you may provide you a better deal in the long run. For more information, talk to the professional roofers. There are a number of qualified Newcastle roofers, including Emerald State Roofing, that can help you.

Elisa's Review

Let us be honest, no one gets excited to have to buy a new roof. However, if you are in need of a roof, do yourself a favor and call Emerald State. Not only was their price the best out of several quotes I got, the level of expertise and professionalism I received was worth it's weight in gold. Everyone I worked with was absolutely amazing. Jim was incredible to work with. He made me feel like I was part of the Emerald State family and went above and beyond in every aspect of my roof being replaced. We were in constant contact and I felt incredible confident working with such an outstanding company. On top of that, the work on my roof was slick. Three days, and my new beautiful roof was up. It looks fabulous and I have such peace of mind knowing I will not have to deal with any leaks or issues. Not only that, you would not be able to tell that I had any work done at all. The clean up the crew did was over the top. My yard looked better after they left than before they got here. Incredible company and you would be a fool not to call them.

Date Published: 06/17/2021

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