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certainteed certified sammamish roofingEmerald State LLC carries quality roofing products from the most respected roofing companies in the industry. We are certified Sammamish roofing specialists that put meticulous effort into your most important investment - your home. From flashing, to edging, drainage and run off we have you covered.

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Emerald State is a local roofing company that has earned a reputation for quality installations for over 10 years. We built our customer base by providing quality roofing contractor services that protect you and your home. Call us today to get a fast quote on roof replacement, roof repair or a new roof for a new home.


We are a roofing company that is all about your home's exterior including your roof, windows, siding, and exterior paint. Your roof provides the canopy that protects you and your home's contents and you safe from the rain and snow. Sammamish roofers job Equally, it is about curb appeal, attractiveness, investment and longevity.

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These factors help shape our core values on each and every roofing job: Effectiveness, Attractiveness, and Longevity. As one of the locally owned Sammamish roofing companies with long service to the local market, we have the knowledge, tools, connections and experience to give and guide you to the best solution to your home's roofing needs.

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When hiring a roofing company it is great to know we are focused on these three important aspects. We know that you have to believe in us more than anything, and that is why we are roofers with a primary focus on earning your trust.

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Certainteed Select Shinglemaster Certified

Emerald State services include using the top materials for installation, including wood shake, composition roofing and pvc roofs. We are a Sammamish roofing company that understand the unique needs of homes in the area, including the local businesses and HOA\s. Emerald State is built from the ground up in the Northwest and we know how each material performs. You can expect the best advice and highest quality roofing materials you can get from any roofing companies, Sammamish or anywhere on the East Side. Our ShingleMaster Certified craftsmen are experts in roofing materials designed to complement your home and last for years.

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Emerald State Roofing are locally owned and operated. We are one of Sammamish Roofing companies large enough to handle all of your roofing project's needs efficiently and expeditiously, yet still provide the personal service and attention of a small roofing company. Our focus is three pronged: complete communications, utmost customer service, and highest quality workmanship. Emerald State's 10 years of satisfied customer experience is proof of our commitment to you, the customer. See how we stack up to other Sammamish Roofing companies.

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Remove or leave the existing roof?

Most people don't know it but it is actually possible to leave an existing roof on a house and put an additional layer on top. This can only be done on composite roofs that have no more than one existing layer. The existing layer must not be extensively warped or damaged and the underlayment must be in good shape. The most common reason for taking this approach is to save money. The cost of labor to remove the old roof and dispose of the shingles is avoided. Finally, the warranty of the new roof is not impacted.

There are many reasons, however, to not cover up your old roof.

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The ultimate choice in Sammamish roofers and roofing materials belongs to the home owners, of course. Some of the factors to take into consideration are how long do you plan to live in your home, how confident are you that the substructure is in good shape, and how flat is the existing roofing surface? In addition, some communities have Home owners associations to take into consideration. To feel confident in your approach speak with some different roofing companies, read reviews, and look up licensing. Emerald State's Sammamish roofers, are happy to assist you with your roofing questions or concerns.

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Need other exterior services? Emerald States crews are also Sammamish window contractors.