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People ask all the time what kind of siding to put on their house. They are interested in knowing about wood, vinyl, and fiber-cement siding. Most people understand wood siding very well since it is a natural siding material. Big difference here is whether you are adding a natural wood siding finish or painted. For natural wood looks, it goes without saying that wood is your choice. The real decision is what finish to put on the wood siding and how well it will stand up. A number of homes in our area especially modern designs, have wood siding. You might even see Woodinville Stone Veneer. Siding contractors vary quite a bit and a consumer is advised to select a siding contractor that has a history of doing natural siding jobs.

Most conversations reduce themselves to vinyl vs fiber-cement and the split usually runs down the line with home size and price. Low priced homes tend to use vinyl while higher priced homes use fiber-cement.

Most higher priced homes use fiber cement siding

melted vinyl siding on Woodinville home
melted vinyl siding
Fiber-cement siding is thicker than vinyl which allows it to be heavily embossed like real wood. Vinyl siding can be embossed but only with a shallow embossing. Fiber-cement siding is not flammable while vinyl siding is a petroleum product and is flammable. Vinyl siding expands with heat and can result in warping while fiber-cement expands less and does not warp. Vinyl siding can melt when exposed to reflected sunlight from windows. Both products are very durable. Fiber-cement requires painting although it can be purchased pre-painted. Over time it will need repainting. Vinyl siding color penetrates the material and does not require painting. Vinyl siding will shatter if hit by a hard object like a stone thrown by a lawn mower. Fixing it requires panel replacement. Fiber-cement does not shatter and can be repaired with putty and paint.

warped vinyl siding on Woodinville home
warped vinyl siding
The major difference between the two sidings is cost. Typically, fiber-cement is 50% more expensive than vinyl, depending on supplier and quality. For estate homes in Woodinville, siding contractors usually suggest fiber-cement or wood. If you are thinking of wood or fiber-cement siding we invite you to call Emerald State LLC for a free consult.