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Two Lies About Triple Pane Windows?

Triple pane replacement windows make your home quieter. Triple pane windows might be quieter than a double pane window but what makes the window quieter has more to do with factors other than the number of panes. Glass has very little damping ability when it comes to sound. What does have damping ability is a more viscous material like plastic.

Laminated glass is made of two layers of glass with a tough plastic layer in the middle. It will not only cut noise transmission but also UV damaging rays.

Jane R of Bothell – "Replacement windows with triple pane glass really increased our home's comfort"

Triple pane replacement windows have a good payback. Triple pane windows are typically rated at R-3 compared with double pane windows rating of R-1 (typical). The added cost of triple pane windows of approximately 30% makes them take a very long time to pay back. Think 15 or 20 years. The real advantage of triple pane is increased comfort.

Windows are typically colder than the surrounding walls in the home. This temperature difference creates air currents in the home causing drafts that make the home feel uncomfortable. By reducing the temperature differential between the window and the walls with triple pane replacement windows, the comfort in the home is increased.

"I just couldn't find a way to justify the added expense of triple pane replacement windows" – Bellevue home owner

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